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One of the most important figures involved in the international transportation of goods is the forwarder, who with his knowledge and contacts expedites and streamlines all foreign trade transactions.

12 Dic 2013 -

Imágen Ficha

The forwarders are mediators and organizers of all types of international transport (maritime transport, air transport, road transport, railway transport and multimodal transport).

The forwarder advises his client, or the owner of the goods, on the most effective and economical way to make the shipments entrusted to him, acting on behalf and in representation of him versus the carrier, and is responsible for both the international transport and the administrative duties in which he acts in.

His organization, knowledge and contacts, as well as his large range of transportation services, at prices below those set by the freight companies, make the forwarders a key intermediary between carriers and exporters and importers.

In addition, forwarders handle both administrative tasks related to international transport, as well as customs clearance and insurance contracts, if required, but cannot mediate in national transport unless it is the continuation of an international transport entrusted to them.

Other services that forwarders may provide in relation to international transportation of goods are those logistic services such as storage, handling, packaging, etc.

Therefore forwarders are specialized in organizing the international transportation of goods either in containers or, more commonly, as groupage, coordinating the entire operation with its subsidiaries, agents or correspondents located in the different countries involved in the process and organizing links between different carriers or means of transportation necessary to successfully carry out the transportation of goods to the desired destination.