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Types of containers

Containers are rigid and protective receptacles that are adapted to adjust to the goods being carried, and which the more usual types we specify below.

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The container used in the international transport of goods is a sufficiently sturdy box, ready for reuse, which is stackable and is equipped with elements that enable and facilitate handling, normally in standardized measures to enable cross-media transport.

Below you can see a list with the capacity, weight allowed and most useful measurements of the containers most used in international transportation:

Types of containers

We briefly describe the characteristics of the different containers:

Standard: It is a closed container y the most used for general loads. Its opening is for front and real loading.

High cube: : It is a container similar to the standard, but a bit longer in lenght.

Reefer: It is a refrigerated container.

Open top: It is a container with the top open through which the goods are loaded.

Fixed flat rack: container with the sides opened.

Collapsible flat rack: It is a container like the fixed flat rack, but collapsible.

There are other containers, but for specific types of goods, such as tanks, vented, for bulks, etc...