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Transportation by road

Road transportation is the means most used in international transport due to their prices and transit times.

12 Dic 2013 -

Imágen Ficha

Freight transportation by road is, due to its characteristics, the only means of transportation that can do a "door to door" service, ie, load the goods at a point of origin and directly transport them to a destination without needing any transfer or handling of the same.

Road transport is the means most used because, in addition to the ease of loading and unloading of cargo and the speed of the vehicles, thus enabling fast deliveries, it connects easily with other means of transport such as ports, airports, rail terminals and other terminals and becomes a regular service as a continuous shuttle between the different points.

The capacity and diversity of vehicles, usually trucks, used to transport goods by road adapts from small shipments to those of larger volume, and provides a wide range of the same to suit the needs of the load such as tankers, bulk materials, temperature control, general merchandise, etc., which makes road transportation very flexible and versatile.