International transport > Who is involved?

International transport, Who is involved?

Several figures are involved in international transport operations, and here we will name them and explain their most important functions.

12 Dic 2013 -

Imágen Ficha

In international transport operations of goods the players that intervene are the following:

Principal: This is the physical or legal person who commissions a third party to perform the operations of transportation and customs.

Loader: A person or company that gives third parties the custody of the goods to be delivered to the recipient.

Recipient: The person or company to whom the merchandise is being sent.

Carrier: The person or company responsible for the movement of goods, by air, sea, road or rail, either by their own means or outsourced.

Subcontractor: A person or company hired by the carrier to perform the transportation of the goods.

Shipowner: The owner of the vessel.

Charterer: The person or legal entity who rents or charters a vessel from the shipowner for use, becoming the actual shipper for the carriers.

Shipping agent or consignee: The representative of the shipowner or charterer of the vessel at port, and who makes all necessary arrangements with local authorities thereby helping both the ship and the crew and facilitates supplies as may be required.

Longshoreman: Is the company or person in charge of loading and unloading the ship as well as of any handling needed.

Consignee of goods: Person or legal entity designated by the sender to take charge of the goods and deliver them to the recipient.

Forwarder: The person or legal entity who, as a service company, acts as an intermediary on behalf of the client to contract the transportation of the goods, and is involved in the all other complementary services, such as effecting transits, customs clearance etc..

Customs Agent: Normally this is the person authorized by the Directorate General of Customs to process the necessary paperwork, and settle the taxes on import and export operations, before the governmental authorities.

Customs Inspector: The governmental official who inspects and handles the release of the goods to the recipient.

Transport Agency: Company who contracts the international transportation of the goods.