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Maritime transport

Maritime transport, due to its characteristics, functionality and prices, has become the most usual form of intercontinental freight transportation.

12 Dic 2013 -

Imágen Ficha

Maritime transport: It is the means of transportation that, due to its capacity and importance, has become the most frequently used in international transportation of goods, approximately in 85%, as it permits the transportation of goods with large bulk and weight, at a lower cost than other means of transport and its use is most effective between geographically distant points.

This transport system is suitable for any type of load, due to the different types of ships available, and allows the transportation of goods ranging from liquids and bulk materials, to dollies, parts of equipment of large volumes and containers, pallets or cargo barges.

Regular shipping lines provide small and medium shippers with regular service to different geographical destinations, stopovers and fixed ports with preset prices and rates, that mainly engaged in international cargo transportation or transportation of general cargos and containers.