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Railway transport

This means of transport is the least used for international transportation of goods, as it is not adapted to the needs required today for international trade.

12 Dic 2013 -

Imágen Ficha

The transport of goods by rail has been virtually kept only for the transportation of large volumes of goods in long distances, and is considered a safe form of transportation with very low levels of accidents.

The types of trains most used for freight are those adapted to the loads, which by weight or volume are considered special, to those completing a wagonload, to container trains (TECO) and trains completely used for goods with a large unitary volume.

At present railway transportation has many inconveniences, basically because the management of the railway network is very poorly suited to what is needed today, and it has an important competitor in road transportation due to flexibility, speed and price of the same, although its use is supported by the transportation of those containers which arrive from international ports by sea, and in these cases it becomes a liaison to inland destinations.