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Air transport

Air transport, given its high price has been relegated to send urgent, perishable goods, and those of high value or low weight and volume.

12 Dic 2013 -

Imágen Ficha

Over time, this form of international transport has gone from being used only in special circumstances and for those goods which are urgent or perishable, to a much more important role in international transport of goods.

So much so, that in many cases it has become the most suitable means of transport especially for high-value products or those of reduced size.

While air travel has a number of advantages over other forms of transportation, such as: the speed needed as per the demands of the products, quickness for the rotation of stocks and in relation to service to customers, its disadvantage is, in many cases, its high cost, specially regarding raw materials and other low price products in which the price of transport markedly affects the final cost of the product, and the limitations of size and weight of the goods transported due to the dimensions of the access doors of the planes or of the weight per unit area allowed.

Internationally, air transport is governed by various international agreements and most air carriers and aircraft operators are grouped in an international organization called IATA (International Air Transport Association).