has behind it a professional and multidisciplinary team which is formed by members with extensive experience in web development, specific computer applications and business intelligence, as well as by members with an experience of more than thirty years in the international commerce, international transport and customs sectors.’s objective is to combine the knowledge gained in international trade commerce, based on our extensive experience in this area, with new technologies and therefore cover the deficiencies and needs that result from the lack of timely information when carry¡ng out import or export operations.’s aim is to provide to all users, both individuals and businesses, and by means of a simple “click”, all the operating costs and companies involved in the transport of goods in international trade, as well as customs obligations and transportation services, providing the information necessary for the viability of their operations and the operators involved in them. is a living project, so therefore we work every day to improve the scope and functionality of the platform, incorporating new ideas which will improve the user’s experience and adding on new services, thus making it a useful reference tool for both new exporters and importers, as well as for those businesses with years of experience in the international trade sector.