Preguntas frecuentes

I. Do you have to be registered in order to request a quote?

No, as an non-registered user you can browse, search for prices and contact companies totally free of charge.

II. Is it possible to contract a service on-line directly from the Web?

No, is an on-line search engine, which, however allows you to contact the different companies from which you might choose to contract services.

III. Are the prices shown on the Web the end prices?

The prices shown on the platform are calculated with those prices which the companies have entered into our system. You would need to contact the companies to receive final prices for services.

IV. What do I have to do to register my company in the platform?

Under “Contact us” you will find a registration form that you can fill out, selecting the subject “Register on the site”. Our sales department will then contact you to proceed with the registration of your company.

V. I am unable to find a tariff classification. What can I do?

It is difficult to know under which tariff classification your product pertains if you don’t have any experience in this area. However, as you browse and go deeper into the system, each of the classifications will become more detailed. You can choose a higher level and the system will give you a minimum and maximum tariff range, along with the customs duties. If you need to know the exact tariff pertaining to your product, please contact the companies listed on the platform.

VI. Is VAT tax applied to the prices shown?

No, none of the prices include VAT tax.

VII. I wish to start Importing and Exporting operations and I don’t have any experience, can you help me? offers you a comprehensive consulting service from which we can advise you regarding the ways, means and conditions necessary to start and develop your business of international commerce, for both Import and Export transactions as well as logistics. For this service, go to “Contact us” and fill out the form, selecting the option “Consulting service” and our Consultation department will contact you.

VIII. I have more questions regarding this subject. How can they be answered?

In the "Contact" area you will find a form which you can fill out stating your questions. We will then contact you to give you all the answers you need.