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Customs inspections

Examination in customs premises, both physical and of documents, of the goods being imported or exported are called customs inspections.

12 Dic 2013 -

Imágen Ficha

In foreign trade transactions, whether import and export, it is imperative that the goods of said transaction be deposited by the person responsible, carrier or transport company in authorized areas which are enabled for this function, depositing the same and being made available to Customs for the corresponding proceedings, and are subject as of the moment of their deposit, to the surveillance and control by the customs authorities.

For import shipments, and once the goods are deposited in the corresponding customs area, a summary statement for the correct identification of the same shall be submitted by the person responsible for having deposited the goods.

As of that time and within a maximum period of 45 days (for those goods shipped by sea) and 20 days (for those transported by other means), a statement will be presented to customs authorities by means of an EDI transmission, in which all the information regarding the goods is reported in detail to comply with all necessary obligations under the customs procedure in question for inclusion in the same.

The customs authorities will reply through the same EDI system with one of the following messages:

1) System green: The goods can be retrieved, as they have been dispatched and don’t require any more paperwork.

2) System orange: Documents must be presented to the customs authorities in order to carry out the importation of the goods, and if everything is correct the goods would be dispatched and can be picked up.

3) Systen red: In this case, and to be able to pick up the goods, apart from presenting the corresponding documents before the customs authorities, the goods will be inspected to ensure the accuracy of the statement presented.

The goods must be deposited in the areas established for the purpose of exporting functions, presenting to the appropriate customs authorities the declaration by the same procedure, via EDI, and receiving authorization for export through the corresponding system posts: green, orange or red