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Customs: its functions

Customs is the name given to the offices and authorized departments which control, both statistically and fiscally, the import and export of goods.

12 Dic 2013 -

Imágen Ficha

What we understands as customs, according to the Community Customs Code, is that office in which we can perform, totally or partly, the formalities laid down by customs rules.

They are areas situated in ports, airports or borders between countries and are normally specific offices and warehouses, through which goods coming from or going to other countries that are imported from or exported to the same, and serve to enforce customs rules established for said purpose by controlling both statistically and fiscally by inspecting and reviewing the goods and their documentation.

However, at present, these formalities can be performed in the installations or enclosures of companies duly authorized for this purpose, thereby reducing processing time and obtaining inland customs terminals which, in addition to the proximity of the offices of the importers or exporters, also offer other services applicable to the specific operations of import/export activities.

The customs authorities are in charge of assuring the necessary compliance of customs regulations for each country by the control of goods, means of transport and of those companies carrying out import and export operations.