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Exportation process

The export of goods is the foreign trade operation that all countries try to encourage, as it is essential to their economies since, among other reasons, it is an important part of their trade balance.

12 Dic 2013 -

Imágen Ficha

This is a financial transaction whereby one country sells goods and sends them to another country, thereby taking the goods out of their customs territory, and receive in return a financial compensation or payment in foreign currency from the countries making the purchase.

Within the European Economic Community, in addition to the export of goods (trade with third countries or non-EU), depending on the type of sale between the Member States of the Community, exports have different names such as: departure (for the purposes of special taxes), dispatches (for statistical purposes) and intra-Communitary shipments (for VAT purposes).

Although all countries try to promote their exports, encouraging and streamlining operations by eliminating custom controls, documents and duties, in order to make an export a number of customs formalities must be completed, always within the national and international legislation established for this purpose. In the case of the free trade of goods (which are the majority), this is done by providing a commercial invoice and a customs declaration or export DUA, except for those goods, which due to their specific nature require special authorizations as they are products subject to administrative supervision or under national or EU restrictions

Nevertheless, it is always advisable to have the cooperation of financial and insurance institutions, and of freight agents and forwarders who collaborate to better carry out the operation using the most appropriate means of transport and the use of the most optimal and economical roads, ports and airports.

If we have a client or customer in a foreign country, we have the best sale and payment conditions, we know the quantity of the goods we will be sending, weight, volume and value of the sale and we use professionals or appropriate collaborators (agents and freight forwarders) to perform such operations, the success of the operation is virtually guaranteed.