Legal advise

I. General Information

1.- The following constitutes a Legal Advise and Terms and Conditions which rule the access, navigation and use of this website owned by WORTEL MEDIA SL with VAT number B-86530250 registered at C/Pollensa, 4 - Oficina 12, 28230 – Las Rozas de Madrid, Spain, inscribed in the Madrid Mercantile Registry, volume 30159, page 87, inscription one with sheet M- 542843.
WORTEL MEDIA SL., is dedicated to the following commercial activities, amongst others: professional activities, information and communications, computer engineering, telecomunications and office automation, investigatión, developement and innovation and scientific and technical activies.

2.-. WORTEL MEDIA SL is the sole owner of the website
To contact WORTEL MEDIA SL directly, please call our telephone number +34 917 524 930, or fax: +34 914 167 108, or via email to our address
s This web site has been designed to publicize and permit general access to all users of the information, activities, products and services, of their propriety or permitted by other, oferred by WORTEL MEDIA SL. All informations, activities, products and services will be considered, for the effects of this document, as the Contents.
The use of this website gives the interested party the condition of site user, which means he accepts the present conditions as stated in the version published at the moment he enters the same. Therefore, the company recommends the User to carefully read these everytime he enters the> The access to specific Contents offered through this website can be subject to special conditionswhich, in some cases, substitute, complement and/or modifty these general conditions. Therefore, before entering and/or using said Contents, the user must also read and understand the corresponding particular conditions.
WORTEL MEDIA SL can modify at any moment, and without advising previously, the design, presentation and/or configuration of the website, as well as any or all of its Contents, and modify its general terms and conditions, and/or any particular conditions needed for the use of the same.
The access and use of the Contents and Services after its modifications or changed imply the acceptance of the same.

II. Access and Security

All personal information given when filling out the corresponding forms of electronic registry within the website, of consultations made regarding services offered, as well as all data to which WORTEL MEDIA SL may have access as a consecuence of the navigation in the website, shall be incorporated in the automatic entries of said company, always maintaining the right to access, modifications, cancelations and disagreement with the treatment of said data as per the terms and conditions seen below.
In accordance with Law 34/2002, of 11 july, as provided by The Society of Information and Electronic Commerce Service, (from hereon LSSICE) WORTEL MEDIA SL will not send via electronic email publicity that has not been previously approved by the users, as per the following clause.
Nevertheless, the users accept receiving communications from, with regard to the contacts interested in their services and with regard to any information that WORTEL MEDIA SL may consider necessary regarding the correct functioning of their website.
The website will identify using the word "publicity" all emails or newletters which only contain marketing comunications or promotions. Upon registrying his data, the users consents to the treatment of the same to this effect.
In those cases where it is necessary to compelte a form and click on the send button, this action will necessarily imply that the user has been informed (as per article 5 LOPD) and, in said case, has given his consent (as per article 6 LOPD) to the contents of this privacy policy.
Before using, reserving and/or contracting said products or services offered by WORTEL MEDIA SL, the User must read and understand the particular conditions created, in said case, to that effect by WORTEL MEDIA SL. The use, reservations and/or contracting of said products or services specified, implies the acceptance of the particular conditions which regulate the version published by WORTEL MEDIA SL at the moment in which said use, reservation and/or contracting occurs.
Therefore, everythime that WORTEL MEDIA SL or the website Web requires the user personal data and information, it will include a link binding to these Terms and Conditions so as to make the users aware of its rights and obligations as per established in the LOPD and LSSICE.
Should the company decide to use a questionnair, the User must complete the forms with all data true, exact, complete and updated, being informed at that moment of all obligatory information (*) and the consecuences of not doing so. Also, with said acceptance, he acknowledges that all information and personal data in the same are correct and true.

WORTEL MEDIA, SL, informs its users that the following cookies are used in their website ( Those cookies strictly necessary which enable them to provide the services requested by their users: if these cookies are deactivated, they would not properly receive the contents and services requested; Analytical cookies (used for monitoring and statistical analysis of the behavior of all users): if disabled, the website will continue to operate without hindering the information collected by these cookies regarding the use of our website or the success of the ads which allow us to improve our services. The user may, at any time, choose which cookies it wants to work on this website, through the browser settings.

III. Use of the contents

The User accepts not to use any of the information given by WORTEL MEDIA SL to carry out illegal, inmoral or which could publicly offend, activities and, in general, use said information as per the present terms and conditions.
The information prepared by WORTEL MEDIA SL which the User has at his disposition in this website, have been done for information purposes only. The user must be aware that said information may not contain the latest actualizations.
In particular, and only to completely inform, the use of the website is totally forbidden for illegal or inappropriate ends.
WORTEL MEDIA SL is not responsible for the use that each users makes of the information provided to him in this website nor of those actions which he could take with the information given.
WORTEL MEDIA SL reserves the right to exclude the User from accessing the service, without informing him beforehand, should he carry out any activity described previously and reserves the right to take all legal actions the company could consider necessary.
In any case, WORTEL MEDIA SL will be considered free of all charges which could arise from any claim which has been brought about by the use of theses active services by the User in any way forbidden in this contract or by law.

IV. Services

WORTEL MEDIA SL reserves the right to make, without previous notification, any modifications it considers necessary in it's website, and can change, delete or add to the contents and services provided by the same in the way or manner that these are presented or found in their website.
The temporary enforcement of these Legal Terms and Conditions, coincide, therefore, with the time it is active, until they are modified, totally or partially, at which moment the Legal Terms and Conditions thus modified will be in effect.
Therefore, WORTEL MEDIA SL does not guarantee the reliance, availability nor continuity of its website nor of its contents, therefore the use of the same by the User will be under his risk and responsibility, and, at no moment, can WORTEL MEDIA SL be responsible for the same.

V. Responsibility

The infornation and contents included in this website have been obtained by sources considered reliable. Nevertheless, eventhough all measures have been taken to assure the reliability of the information given, no guarantee is given that they are exact, complete and/or updated.
In all cases in which the User sends information of any kind to WORTEL MEDIA SL through its website, or through other channels given for said purpose in any Page, the User declares, guarantees and accepts that he has the right to do so freely, that said information does not infringe any intelectual property, trademark, patent, confidential information law, or any third parties right, that said information is not of a confidential nature nor is prejudicial for third parties.
The User accepts the responsibility and frees WORTEL MEDIA SL of any responsibility for any communication given personally by him or in his name, said responsibility covering, without restrictions, the veracity, legality, originality and ownership of the same.
The information shown and/or given by this website should be considered, by the User, as general information, and therefore the User cannot consider said information as being a decisive element with which to make a decision, and therefore WORTEL MEDIA SL declines all responsibility dervied from the lack of verification of the same, and specifically it must be understood that said information, subject to the laws prevailing in Spain, are not aplicable to those users who operate under other jurisdictions which require the compliance of different rules or regulations for the use, propagation or publicity of services relating to the activities and/or services published in this website.
WORTEL MEDIA SL is not responsbile for the acts or omisions of any of the companies/suppliers, nor of the professional contents of their services nor can they bind them or force them in any way.
WORTEL MEDIA SL is not responsible, at any moment, of the damages and losses of any kind which could be brough about by, amoung others: errors or omisions in the contents, unavailability of the website or the propagation of any virus or ilegal or damaging program in its contents, eventhough they have taken all necessary technological measures to avoid them.
WORTEL MEDIA SL is not responsible for the use that each User gives to the contents supplied to them in this website nor to any actions taken by them because of the same, should they breach any intelectual or industrial property rights or any other thrid party rights.
WORTEL MEDIA SL is not responsible for the veracity of the information given by the contacts supplied, of the expected gain of clients through the services, of any lack of updating on prices which could be given by the User, nor for the lack of use or interest for a specific purpuse in this website nor in its Contents; nor is it responsible for the loss of information or services due to any delay, non-delivery, incorrect delivery of the products shown or any interuption in the services; nor of the veracity, quality or nature of the information obtained through its contents.
The User will be liable for all damages and losses of all kinds that the company could have due to the breach of any of its obligations as per described in these terms and conditions or as per the particular conditions applicable.
This website is not for use of minors. The access to this website is prohibitted to minors, unless the have they express and previous authorization of their parents, tutors or legal representatives, who would then be considered responsible for the actions carried out by said minors under their care, as per pertinent law.
In any case, it will be assumed that the access to this website by a minor has been made with the express and previous authorization of their parents, tutors or legal representatives.

VI. Privacy and Protection of Information

WORTEL MEDIA SL can use cookies to personalize and aid in all ways possible the User's navigation through it's website.
The User may configure his navigator so that it informs and refuses the instalment of the cookies sent by WORTEL MEDIA SL, and this will not harm the possibility of the User accessing the Contents.
WORTEL MEDIA SL can give out information, including those of a personal nature, only in those cases in which it considers it necessary in order to comply with legal obligations.

VII. Intelectual and Industrial Property

Intelectual and industrial property rights are all those rights as recognized by the intelectual property laws prevailing and which have a patrimonial or operational character for any end or kind of use, as well as all rights prevailing in the intelectual property legislation, including in both cases the right to require any inscriptions and registrations they consider appropriate in order to obtain or protect said rights (from now on, the “Intelectual or Industrial Rights”).
WORTEL MEDIA SL can give out information, including those of a personal nature, exclusively in those cases in which it considers it necessary for a correct compliance of the law.
The breach of any of the mentioned rights can be considered an infringement of the present articles, as well as an illegal action as per articles 270 and following of the Civil Crimianl Code.
The website may contain links to or from other websites.
WORTEL MEDIA SL is not responsible for the use, with regard to personal information, made in other websites. This Policy regarding Treatment of Personal Information is applicable only to the information obtained in the website. WORTEL MEDIA SL advises the User to read the policy regrding the treatment of personal information given on other websites with which it is linked or visited by any other way.
Any claim or complaints which could be given by the Users regarding the possible breaches of intelectual or industrail property rights regarding the Contents of this website should be sent to WORTEL MEDIA SL with VAT number: B-86530250 and registered at C/ Chaparro, 22, 28250 – Torrelodones, Madrid who is the entity responsible for the file or files which contain the information given.

VIII. General Aspects

The headings of the different articles are only for information purposes, and will not affect, classify or increase the interpretation of the Terms and Conditions.
In case of discrepancy between that established in these Terms and Conditions and the particular conditions of each service specified, the latter will prevail.
In the case that any of the article or articles in these Terms and Conditions should be considered null and void, totally or partialy, by any Court, Tribute or competent administrative entity, said condition of null or void will not affect the rest of the articles in the Terms and Conditions.
The lack of action or claim taken by WORTEL MEDIA SL of any of its rights or articles as per these Terms and Conditions do not signify its waiver to the same, unless so expressed in writting by them.

IX. Aplicable Laws and Jurisdictions

For any legal actions which could affect WORTEL MEDIA SL website Spanish legislation will be considered aplicable, being the competent jurisdiction for all conflicts derived or relative to this website, the Courts and Tribunes of Madrid (Spain).
This contract will be regulated by the Spanish laws.

X. Excercise of Access Rights, Rectification, Cancellation and Objection

Lastly, we inform you that you can excercise your rights to access, rectification, cancellatión and objection of your personal information registered in WORTEL MEDIA SL files. Due to the confidential nature of the information, the user may not excercise this right by phone, since this does not establish the confirmation of the identity of the owner of the registered information.
The interested party can excercise his rights by means of written communication to WORTEL MEDIA SL at the following address: Plaza ciudad de Salta, 2 - Posterior, 28043 – Madrid, España stating the following reference in his letter: "Excercising of Rights" (along with the written and signed request, personal identification must be given by providing photocopy of a personal Identification Card or Passport.).