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Customs agents

The customs agent’s main mission, regarding the international traffic of goods, is the customs clearance of all operations concerning import, export and transit.

12 Dic 2013 -

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The customs agent is a designated person, although sometimes it could be a legal entity, properly authorized by means of a title issued by the Tax Authorities through the Department of Customs and Special Taxes, which is allowed to act as a liaison officer between the Administration and their clients, to carry out in their name and in their representation, all international operations which consist of making customs clearance of import, export and transit of goods, and issuing and reissuing customs documents.

As an authorized agent of the government, he becomes a key part in the operations of international freight traffic, his most important functions being:

•Collecting and obtaining from his clients the information needed to give a destination to and calculate the duties owed on the goods involved in the transaction, then submitting the same to the Customs authorities, and within the deadline established, all documentation to that effect.

•Request, if necessary, to the pertinent authorities, not dependent on the Department of Customs and Special Taxes, the issue of certificates of official inspection services or required by customs, such as:

(goods of plant or animal origin intended for human consumption, drugs, medical productss and cosmetics and insecticides).

Veterinary inspections (live animals and products of animal or plant origin not intended for human use or consumption).

(Fertilizers and plant organisms harmful to them).

(products and canned fish, poultry and eggs, fruit and vegetables and cut flowers).

Cites inspections (flora and fauna in danger of extinction).

(textiles, footwear, electrical products, toys, etc.).

•Carry out all paperwork necessary for the clearance of the merchandise as per the documentation and declarations presented, and the receipt of payment of applicable taxes, if required.

•Act on behalf of their principals to submit to the authorities any legal actions, requests time extensions, claims and all actions necessary to protect the interests thereof, in all transactions in which they intervene.

The Customs agent may, in addition to their specific functions, operate as a forwarder or freight transporter, as an authorized representative of the consignee or recipient of goods shipped by air, maritime or land transportation, dealing with all necessary contracts to obtain the best price and services for the benefit of its customers.